We're looking for talented writers so come on and Join The Copywriters

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford

We’re looking for talented writers to join our team

Due to our extensive experience in publishing, we have built up tens of thousands of contacts in the UK and overseas. Many of these utilise copywriting services for press releases, promotional and online content etc.

As we begin to introduce our copywriting services to more businesses, it is obvious we will need more high-quality people to assist us. Therefore, we are giving experienced copywriters and translators the opportunity to join The Copywriters.

As with any business, a personal relationship is a key to longevity. We want to have copywriting and translation specialists we can rely upon based in many key geographical areas in the UK.

There is only so much you can learn about the business you are helping over the phone. Sometimes a copywriter will need to visit the client to fully understand the business, its vision and the personalities involved.

Having a detailed overview of a business leads to a solid foundation and negates the need for a client to look elsewhere.

How are The Copywriters different?

The Copywriters is not an agency, we are an extension of a global publisher and are proud of our impeccable reputation for quality. You will join us on a freelance basis and will not be directly employed The Copywriters.  Furthermore, you will be made to feel part of our team experiencing the strong values and ethical vision we are known for.

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For more detailed information about working with The Copywriters click here. Alternatively, you can speak directly to us via the main Luxurious Magazine telephone number: 0207 193 8380. Please ask for The Copywriters when calling.