Punjabi and Hindi translation services from Sabi Phagura

Punjabi and Hindi translation services from Sabi Phagura

My name is Sabi Phagura and I am trilingual and speak Punjabi, Hindi and English. Having been brought up in a trilingual household, these languages come naturally to me. Based in Reading, Berkshire, I know the area well and am within easy reach of clients across the south-east. As a fully trained, experienced and qualified linguist, travelling to clients, be it to courts, law firms, offices or any other convenient place is no problem at all.

In the current market, where a number of medium-to-large sized companies operate multi-nationally, there is an even higher demand for language services. Copywriters have helped law firms, engineer companies, marketing teams, toy manufacturers, high-end clients and many more. We have bridged the gap between clients and their customers by providing communication, increased understanding with others and help expand their businesses into new markets. We go beyond the clients’ expectations throughout the whole project from start to finish to produce a top-quality product.

Certified translation services

Amongst our most requested services are certified translation services. This covers translation of an official document such as birth, marriage or divorce certificate, a bank statement, a visa or a university transcript. We also focus on interpreting and translations relating to insurance law, employment law, civil law, criminal law and commercial. Having been a court reporter for many years, I am familiar with the procedures of the court of law and the technical jargon that comes with it. I understand fully that tight deadlines are a normal occurrence where hearings have been rescheduled as well as in other legal proceedings. I will not only covey the words, but the ideas and meanings behind the message in the target language required by the audience.

We fully understand the importance of your website. I can translate your website so it provides customers with information in their own language. This is of key importance to conduct business and generate sales because clients appreciate the effort you have made to address them in their own language.

Here at The Copywriters, no job is too big or small and we follow clients’ guidelines to create top-notch quality translations in a number of languages. I and my colleagues are expert linguists who create accurate final texts to the highest levels in the translation industry.

If you require more information or would like to speak to a project manager about your request, feel free to call us or get in touch via email to discuss exactly how we can assist you with your language project.

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Alternatively, call 0207 193 8380 and ask to speak to Sabi Phagura or the translation team.

Punjabi and Hindi translation services from Sabi Phagura