Russian to English translation in Preston, Lancashire

Russian to English Translation services in Lancashire

When it comes to Russian to English translation, many people turn to the internet. As a result, they end up with what a native speaker would regard as complete nonsense.

Even native speakers have a problem with specific nuances. When it comes to the translation of an important document or getting a message across. One wrong word can ruin all of your hard work. In addition, the wording could come across completely opposite to what you intended.

It doesn’t matter how smart people think they are, on occasions, everyone needs some help. Using Google or a computer programme for Russian to English translation is rarely the right move. Furthermore, when you take a risk in business, you do it with a full understanding. Taking a risk when it involves a non-native language is something no business person should try.

Using professional Russian to English translation services will save you time and protects you from potentially embarrassing misunderstandings. It will help things to run smoothly and ensure that you achieve the best possible result in the end. We specialise in the translation of text, writing content in the Russian language, interpreting and more.

About me

My name is Natasha Godbold (that’s me with the car). I am the lead Russian translator at The Copywriters with a Bachelor Honours degree in Linguistics. I have years of experience in Russian to English and English to Russian interpreting and translation. Being based in Walton-le-Dale, I cover most areas around Lancashire, in particular, Preston and Chorley.

As well as general written and verbal translations (of books, letters, documents and correspondence etc.) We offer simultaneous interpreting, voice over services and confidential translation services etc. If you have any specific requirements, you can always discuss them with an appropriate member of our team over the phone. We’ll let you know whether or not we can provide the service you require. It goes without saying that non-disclosure is guaranteed.

Most of all, we only want the best for our clients. Our goal is to protect our client’s interests and provide the best possible service to enable business growth.

The wide-spread use of the Russian Language

It might also be useful to know, that if you are dealing with ex-Soviet Bloc countries (like Lithuania, Latvia and some others). And can’t find the exact language interpreter, there is a very strong possibility that you can use a Russian language professional. Most former members of The Soviet Union speak Russian as well as their mother tongue.

For more information on our Russian translation services, please call us on 0207 193 8380.

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